Sometimes You Don’t Realize You Hired the Wrong Commercial Landscape Maintenance Company Until It’s Too Late

Picture yourself walking the grounds of your recently completed commercial or multi-family property. Or maybe you have just overseen the installation of new landscaping as an HOA representative. There you are, walking the property. You notice that the grass looks plush and is a perfect shade of green, the trees and bushes are immaculately manicured and the hardscapes are pristine.

Pretty great right?

Until you take that same walk 6 months down the road and the grass is not quite the green you remember and looks like it is being overrun by something that definitely isn’t grass. The trees and bushes are overgrown and those pristine hardscapes are water stained from a rogue irrigation system. This is not an ideal situation, your tenants will be upset and your property value will surely suffer.

So what happened? It could be a variety of things. Arizona summers, monsoon season, or maybe you hired the first commercial landscaper near me and it turns out that they put more of a focus on just getting the job done and less on maintaining it at the standard that it should be at.

Why Hiring the Right Commercial Landscape Maintenance is So Important

These things happen, it’s not your fault. But unfortunately sometimes by the time you realize that you picked the wrong commercial landscape maintenance company it is too late. Sometimes it can take weeks or even months and lots of attention and care for your landscape (trees, bushes, and that beautiful green grass) to recover from lack of proper maintenance.

This is why it is so important to hire a commercial landscape maintenance or multi-family property landscaper in AZ that is truly committed to providing exceptional service and maintenance to you and your property for as long as you are a customer. AZ MetroScapes is a family-owned business that has been the premier commercial landscaping company servicing the Valley of the Sun for over 40 years. Currently, we maintain over 1,000 acres of thriving commercial properties around the greater Phoenix area, we are experienced in handling any and all Arizona commercial landscaping needs.

Why You Should Hire AZ MetroScapes for Your Next Project

At AZ MetroScapes, we put a focus on integrity and the quality of our work. We boast a 100% customer satisfaction rating and we pride ourselves on the ability to meet all of your commercial landscape maintenance needs. So that when you walk your property 6 months down the road it will look just as beautiful as it did on day one.

We offer a wide range of commercial landscape maintenance services to fit each of your needs:

Lawn and Landscape Care

Our full-service lawn and landscape care provides your property with professional quality landscaping year-round. Whether in the heat of the Arizona summer or the mild desert winter, your lawn will look lush and green and your plants will be neatly trimmed.

Irrigation Management

The Arizona heat can create a harsh environment for plants and lawns. Our staff at Arizona MetroScapes are experts in irrigation and clock timing systems. Having over 40 years in the business, we have irrigation down to a science. We will keep your landscape looking fresh and lively year-round.

Tree Services

We can handle all of your tree needs including: monsoon prep – structure and hazard pruning, treating fruiting olive trees, deep root fertilizing, storm damage cleanup, complete tree removals, stump grinding, or rootball extraction.

Weed Control

AZ MetroScapes is certified by the Arizona department of agriculture for pest management and Weed Control. Our state-certified pest control applicators on staff can help rid your property of unattractive weeds. We offer services to treat existing weeds as well as Pre-emergent services to prevent weeds seedlings from germinating.


Looking for an update on your property’s landscaping? At AZ MetroScapes, we can help renovate your landscaping to suit your business needs. From gravel and plant installation to clearing out unattended land, we can help give your company the professional look it requires.

We also offer trimming, hedging, and pruning services, litter removal, installation or and this one could be very timely right now; emergency landscape services.

Let’s Take a Walk Together

Next time you are in the market for a commercial or multi-family property landscaper AZ instead of searching for a commercial landscaper near me and taking the risk. Instead, just click here and get a quote today with AZ MetroScapes.

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